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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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replace capacitors on WD external USB control board

So my WD USB controller board has 3 burnt capacitors on it after years of use i found the cause after cracking the case open. Now my main question is can i replace those capacitors by soldering in new ones or just find if they even make a replacement USB control board. the drive itself is fine i plugged it straight to my mother board it did manage to be recognized but it disappears after a few moments i did read there is something built in to the controller that protects your data.

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You could replace those capacitors no problem. Just replace it with the same type and same values. Check the polarity of the capacitor before soldering. The controller has nothing to do with data loss and security. It only does Read and Write with the HDD.


Do i have the option to by pass the usb controller ? i hooked the drive straight to my mobo and couldn't access anything since the drive was already coded as lets say drive F. since i pulled it from its case and plugged it in like a bare bones drive my pc reassigned the drive itself but the data is still there but i can not access it since the files are coded to the previous drive code drive C. im looking for any option before trying to replace 2 capacitors maybe 3


u know whats funny,

last week i was trying to fix my wd and i didnt know what it could be. well i came acrosss youtube videos looking at some components for another project and it talked about the capacitors going out. loosing its electrolytes. and wala . i searched for capacitors for wd going out and i found ur post. i think its way better just to replace them, because thats what im going to do aswell.


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To avoid the hassle of finding the correct components you might just want to put it in a new case for 20 bucks


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