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Debuting in 2002, the first generation Sorento was a traditional truck-based body-on-frame SUV.

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I have a new camshaft and crankshaft position sensor and check engine

I've recently replaced a water pump, radiator, timing belt, camshaft and crankshaft sensors. Now intermittently my check engine light comes on saying it's the camshaft sensor only when I'm accelerating.

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Check the position of the camshaft sensor. Sounds like it might be loose and not registering when you accelerate. Tighten it or even use some cloth tape to fasten it. If that works then make the adjustment a little more permanent (e.g. gasket maker or some sort of adhesive)

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I change bank A camshaft sensor two times run for two week code po016 is back again


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Check your timing carefully - you may have installed the new cambelt one tooth out on one of the pulleys … I’ve done it before with similar symptoms.

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