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A helpful collection of toaster repair and disassembly guides.

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How to get the toaster lever to stay down.

I have a Brentwood model TS-292R toaster. We bought it 4 months ago and when we went to use it the toaster lever wouldn’t stay down with or without bread in it. I think it is the magnet that isn’t any good. How can I test it to make sure and if it is where can I get another magnet? We were going to send it back to the company, but we were going to have to pay to send it and pay to have it returned to us which would be more than buying a new one. I am never buying another appliance where I am having to pay to have to send it some where to have it repaired or replaced when it is supposed to be under warranty.

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I went into brentwoodhome.com and it went into mattresses of which I never said anything about a mattress.I talked about a toaster. Why shouldn’t I try to fix it when they cheat you by having to pay both ways which would cost more than buying a new one. Is this the way they con people into buying their stuff?


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I wouldn’t mess with it as it is covered under warranty.

Try taking back to the store first. I have not been able to find the correct Brentwood appliance website.

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