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The Stylo 2 (model number LS775), the second iteration of the Stylo series, is manufactured by LG and was originally released in April 2016.

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First Gen LG Stylo ,,,,Question?

I have a 1ST Gen LG Stylo and when I turn it on it starts to boot up and then the metro PCS ball roll across the screen then just stays and freezes up at that stage. I have taken the battery out of the phone and left it out for a good while and when I put it back in the phone it still just goes to that same boot up screen, the screen with the metro ball rolling by and freezes up in that same place every time. Also the battery is fully charged 100%,,,

Any ideas why this is happening or how to fix this bootup problems ????

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This is a fairly common problem with LG smartphones. Unfortunately, it can only be solved by hard resetting the device, and deleting all the user data. The LG smartphone bootloop issue is most commonly caused by malware and/or partial corruption of the user data partition. To learn how to hard reset your LG Stylo, please refer to this guide: https://www.hardreset.info/devices/lg/lg...

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