Galaxy SII not turning on but consumes power


a few days ago my SII stopped working completely. It rebooted by itself and then the screen froze during the reboot. Now it doesn’t turn on at all and also when the charger is plugged the screen remains black.

When I hook it up to a power supply and press the power button for a couple of seconds the phone starts drawing about 300mA at 4.0V. Still the display is not showing anything. I measured the resistance between the + and - pole of the phone and got readings of ~2kOhm or ~25MOhm respectively (depending on polarity of the multimeter).

I already tested a new display without success. Further, I removed the coin cell battery which was completely corroded. Visual inspection of the PCB didn’t show any other obvious damage.

I read that some guys had success by removing a capacitor. Is that something that could help in my situation as well? Do you have any other suggestions that I could try?



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