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No picture on the screen.

I have a Powerbook G4 12" 1.5 GHz. There is no image on the screen. However, when I connect the device to an external monitor, I get the screen on the external monitor.

I wanted to know if it is the logic board's video that is bad. I heard that if you get video from an external device, it isn't the logic board.

I have acquired another logic board for this model and I am wondering if I should swap it or whether it is a waste of time.

thanks in advanced.

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Well, after reading your reply, I was a bit reluctant to go ahead on the repair. However, I did the switching of the logic board today and got the machine to boot with a picture on the internal screen. Why the other logic board didn't work (since it worked with an external monitor) I don't know.

Anyway, this is the problem now, the trackpad is not working. I swapped a working track pad from my older 867 machine and installed it. It still didn't work. I have to use a mouse to point and click.

Any ideas on what I can do about fixing this issue?


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The logic board is fine. What's left is the Display Data Cable, the inverter or the LCD. Hold a flashing to screen at an angle, when it's on, and see if you can discern the desktop.

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