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The NuVision TM800A510L is an Android tablet released in 2015. Its speakers, internet capabilities, and simple user interface means this tablet is generally used for email or educational purposes.

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Removing screen on a glued tablet.

Has anyone ever tried using a heating plate, such as the one on a 3d printer to heat the screen of a tablet to remove it? My 3d printer has a heating plate where I can set it to heat to a certain temperature up to around 110 Celsius. It’s accurate to a couple of degrees. I was just wondering if it might be possible to use this heater, along with some setup to only heat the edges of the screen, having more control over the temperature.

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@dirgesan sound absolutely doable. (of course it will depend on the size of your hot plate). Just make sure that you do not go way above 80deg Celsius since otherwise you could destroy your LCD. Give it a try and take some pictures to create a guide for this https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/new

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Thanks for all the responses. I have an 4GB/128GB SP3 and a 2GB/32GB Nuvision TM800560L, both working fine and have Windows 10. The Nuvision is a bit of a dog and I was thinking of opening it up and seeing what I could do to it, maybe putting in bigger eMMC or battery, especially with the Win10 1903 upgrade. A 64GB eMMC sells for about $40 and is doable with my rework station. I've since found out the Nuvision's Z3735F Bay Trail processor accesses ram in single channel mode and has a 2GB limit. This kind puts a damper on things since it still works. If the tablet battery ever fails I'll use my printer to open it and also change out the eMMC but right now I don't see any point in spending time and money on what is, at best, a marginal upgrade. If I ever get a broken tablet to fix I'll be sure to post my efforts here. Thanks.


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I just replaced a battery in a Galaxy S7 Edge I have a heat gun that I've never used but the kit came with the iOpener. I figured why not it came with it and it worked great granted the phone had a bulging battery which was separating the backplate which probably made it easier. Your idea sounds pretty sound for certain things especially a controlled temperature.

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