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Repair guides and support for the Motorola Moto G6 Play, Released May 2018. Model number XT1922.

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My moto g6 will not boot

What can I do, if after I choose a category in the boot screen the moto G6 starts to turn on,the logo appears and then the screen turns dark blue and after a minute goes blank and it keeps doing that cycle. the buttons become non- responsive during this time. if i go to the boot screen no matter what category I pick, it does the same thing over and over.

please help thanks

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Don Jackson  you could try to see if you can get into recovery mode by pressing the Power and Volume Down button. Remember that if you execute that command you will lose all your data.

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Olá amigo, você vai ter que recuperar como as configurações do fastboot. Você pode usar um computador e vai precisar entender um pouco de comandos no Prompt de Comandos.

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