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Repair guides and support for the the North American version of the Subaru Forester, specifically for the third generation Foresters from 2008 - 2013.

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White smoke coming from under the hood, but disappears and runs fine.

My subaru will have white smoke coming out from under the hood and smells like burning oil or rubber, but eventually the smell will go away and the smoke will go away. The car runs perfectly fine. I have looked under the hood when it had some smoke coming out and it seems like its coming more from the bottom of the car. Any ideas?

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I bet a little oil is dripping on some part of the exhaust system if this happens after the car has warmed up enough for the exhaust “plumbing” to get hot. Something else is going on if it happens when you first start the car (and before anything gets hot).

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if you are facing this problem ever day or after the car is parked for long time, then most likely you have worn inlet and exhaust valve guides or week piston rings.

carry out enging comperession test and check the reading. if reading is below 150PSI, put about two to three tea spoons of engine oil inside each cylinder and carry out hte compression test again. if the pressure raise, than this confirm worn piston rings.

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since Subaru engine is opposite flate engine, it is common for oil smoke at start and oil consumption because some of the oil stay on cylinder liner and don't flow to the oil sump causing oil smoke and oil consumption. it is normal if the oil level drupes after 4 k to 6k since oil change comparing to inline engine block.


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