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A 10.2-Megapixel digital SLR camera by Nikon.

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Cannot transfer photos from camera to computer

I have photos in the camera - cannot transfer them to computer using view/delete because “this option is not available with current settings.” Immediately preceding this, I had no trouble transferring photos to the computer.

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How to snap with any Nikkon or other and show on my computer without copying or transferring it for immediate work


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If it takes a memory card try using a memory card reader their super cheap and easy to use and offer faster data transfers usually rather than going though the camera. Take the card out of the camera insert it into USB memory card reader (ur laptop/PC may even have a slot built in for sd cards) plug it in browse for dcim folder get what u need :)

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I try purchasing a memory card reader. Thx


Before u do if ur using a laptop a lot of them did or do come with a sd card slot somewhere on the side :) it was the big thing a while ago


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