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Only prints 1/2 the document - Epson L360

My printer is just printing half of the document. The other half of the paper is blank.

How do I fix this?

Please Help

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Can you explain a bit better what you mean here a bit more on the details would help. Does the printer report an error? Does it make a grinding noise? Did you try using a new ink cartridge if the printer told you it was low.

> Is the page not fully printed and which side is missing Left or Right or Top or Bottom?

> If its a multi page document, does the pages fully printed you're just missing a few pages?


My printer Epson L360 printed only few pages of a document.. So I have to print a couple pages only at a time. For example for document with 10 pages, I need to print 5 times, printing 2 pages in each print. As per the reply given here, I changed USB port of the printer cable, it worked well. Thanks for the reply


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The article on this website might be able to help:


To sum up the article, it could be:

A messed up USB port on your computer (you can just use a different port).

A problem with Print Spooler on Windows PCs (It shows steps to reset it).

A messed up USB cable (you’d have to find out if it’s easy to get a new cable and just switch it out).

If you have a Mac resetting the print system is an option.

All credit goes to Jeremy Daalder.

Good Luck.

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USB port change solved the problem of printing only few pages of a document


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