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iPhone 7 top screen picture gets mirrored at bottom?

Hey, I got an customer that I have changed screen on there iphone 7.

After a while it started flickering and the bottom of the screen 'mirroring' half of the top portion (the part that shows Carrier, time, battery% etc) about 5-7mm of the top is also shown in The bottom.

Replaced the screen again and no problem, for a few weeks then that one started doing the same.

Havent seen this problem before so woundering if anyone of you guys know the solution?

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This is probably a “supplier” issue as I have never seen this before and don’t really know what kind of logic board issue could cause this (although anything is possible). Try a screen from s different batch or different supplier to see if you have the same issue.

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It's the screen... pressure around the large grey ic area tend to damage the bottom of the screen where just along that line u get display issues either mirrored like mentioned or just fuzzy lines just right at the bottom just level with that chip :)

Change the supplier get better screens, check when fitting there isn't too much pressure on that grey area of the screen and make sure the screen sits correctly so it doesn't happen again when the person starts using it.


@c9679 thanks for the anser, same person and one of her kids have the same problem again.

I used an other screen that time but from same seller (oem that they order from the factory), it is stange that I only have had this problem with that persons phone and now one more in that family.

Always used same seller and no one else have had this problem


It's people pressing the button at the bottom too hard thinking it's an actual button and people using the plastic 360 cases...


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I've seen buttloads of these issues for the past couple of months, from different suppliers - both on ip7 & 8.. Nothing to do but change the screen again, pray your supplier will swap/reimburse you.. I know for a fact that in my cases, the installation has been done correct, as we've done past 1000 ip 7/8 and the issue is fairly new - started popping up about 2 months ago. The screens in case have been working for everything between 5 days and 4 months..:) I use only OEM screens in my shop, usually these are fine, and they still are - there just some bad “apples” in the bunch..:D well, that, and China has some sort of production issue on these models..;)

Perhaps they all experiment with cheaper versions of the incell 3D touch technology to make sure screens are as slim as original, but it's just guesswork from my P.O.V..:)

Hope it's useful - best of luck..D

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Thanks for the anser.

I have noticed that this only happens when the screens brightness is above around 75%


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