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Bose SoundSport Free are wireless earbuds from Bose. Released in 2017. Model number: 774373-0010.

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Is there a guide how to open the bose charging case?

I have made custom earbuds for my Bose Soundsport Free wireless and they do not fit into the charging case.

Block Image

Block Image

I want to check if it is possible to remove some material in the for the custom made earbuds without interfering with battery or functions by the case itself.

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There are a few guides on disassembling the earbuds on youtube but nothing on the case. I'd like to find a way to embed a qi coil inside the case for wireless charging, but don't want to destroy my case by incorrectly opening it.


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i do similar things all the time as i work at batteries plus as a tech it looks like the insidw tray for the case should snap out with some gentle prying with a plastic razor blade or something similar. you might have to get it started w an exacto chisel blade and the keep going w plastic blade/guitar pic etc… yes i just tried it with the ones i have and that tray snaps in i would assume youd want to pop up both sides and the edge closest to the hinge and lift that side very sloe to make sir no wires are stressed and that the button up front comes out correct if its attached.

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