The RIDGID R84015 X2 is an 18v, 1/2 inch chuck, cordless drill.

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motor brushes in this drill?

does this drill have replaceable brushes in the motor?

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tex, if I remember right your Ridgid has non-serviceable brushes. I am not saying that is does not have them (brushes), but you supposedly can't replace them. The motor is available as a complete unit. I think this was done because the brushes should never become an issue, since the batteries would need to be replaced way before the brushes. I think it was the Makita's or Bosch who offered the first models with replacement brushes.Of course it MAY be possible to find replacement brushes if you can physically get to them. Also take a look at the guides The part number is: 984985001 and it is available from multiple sources. Just a quick search on Google revealed a price from $80's to $120. Good Luck to you.

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Most newer quality tools have serviceable brushes.Generally you may be able to see them through the vents towards the back of the drill.

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