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Repair guides and support for the Huawei P9 Lite, released in April 2016.

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Motherboard loudspeaker connector broken, how to solder it?

Block Image

The rest of the connector is attached to the flex cable, can i solder it and how?

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The fact you ask such question implies you’ve never done that before, so the answer is no, you can’t expect to be able to solder a plastic connector on a motherboard unless you have quite a bit of previous experience in soldering on your shoulders. Plus you would need tools and consumables that would cost you more than a brand new top Huawei to begin microsoldering.

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Hello, i have soldered before, only not things this tiny. Im guessing each pin would have to be soldered to its place on the motherboard, which doesnt seem possible. Would soldering the connector itself to the four guide points and then duct taping the whole thing to keep it in place work?


For such tiny components I do all the job under the microscope with a very fine tip..it's possible but it requires some experience and patience. I don't expect your solution to work, tape is not sufficient to grant even contacts on all those pins. I'd look for someone into such small repairs in your area, if you bring them all apart as it is right now and do the reassembly yourself and ask them nicely they may do it for a modest fee.


@arbaman So, in this case DIY isn't an option and repairing the board is worth more than the phone. Guess it's going for sale as parts, then, since this connector is the only issue with it.


That depends of course on kindness and simpathy of the microsolderer, providing there's one around you, but commercially speaking you're right, not really worth and not a DIY repair either unfortunately.


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