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Reassembling the glass panel

Hi guys,

I've just been successful in repairing my iPod nano 4th gen and currently inthe process of rebuilding it. I've come across a huge hurdle, or so it seems, in form of getting the glass panel back on! I've looked everywhere on the internet and all the guides just say 'to reassemble, follow this disassemlby guide in reverse'. Well i tried this and even when using all the force that i'd dare to use, the glass lens just will not push in. It's such a tight fit! Any suggestions or am i doing it wrong.

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Make sure to have the LCD pulled out about 1/2 inch and NOT pushed all the way back into the iPod. Then slide the glass back on, placing the bottom end in first. Push it in past where it needs to go about 1/4 inch, and pushing the top part of the glass towards the LCD, then slide it up so the top edge slides in. It should then snap right into place.

Let me know if this helps or not!

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thank you so much man! your a great help


Thanks to you guys, Stephen for asking question and iTronics Repair for replying. Without you I would never be able to say in your face to my brother who makes his living fixing ipods and told me since my screen was cracked i couldn't fix it. BS. So i went behind his back ordered spare parts and did it with the help of guides from iFixit and youtube.



haha glad we could help! ;)


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