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The Wii Remote is the original, primary controller for the Nintendo Wii game console released November 19, 2006. The model number for the original Wii Remote is RVL- 003.

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Problem with accelerometers failing on multiple Wiimotes

Hi there! We have a custom video game that uses Nintendo Wiimotes paired to a Dolphin bar. The game runs on a PC. It is a racing game where the speed of your horse is controlled by quickly moving the Wiimote up and down. We have had significant problems with the accelerometers failing. I made sure to only purchase genuine wiimotes and over a 2 week public campaign we had at least 10 controllers stop working. Any ideas on why this might be happening and any tips on how we can prevent it happening and/or fix the Wiimotes that no longer work? Note: The controllers stay paired and the D pad still works, just not the accelerometer. Thanks in advance!!


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If your Nintendo Wii Remote’s cursor is not appearing where it should or is not appearing at all, see the Nintendo Wii Remote Cursor Isn’t Where It’s Supposed to Be problem page for possible problems and solutions.

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