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Blu-Ray player with built-in Wi-Fi and 300+ streaming services. Manufactured by Sony and released on February 03, 2014.

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It Was working used phone as hotspot with it now I got home router Wi-

It worked before I used it to cast from my other phone now I have a home Wi-Fi/Internet router box I have hooked up to it I can’t get it to go to the Internet screen so I can reset

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So what is the issue? You can't get a wi-fi signal or it won't connect to the internet?


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This Player uses the 2.4 GHz band of the WiFi router. You have two choices, a direct Ethernet connection from the router to the player or a wifi connection. Make sure your router is using both bands 2.4 and 5 GHz. If it is close to the player, use a direct connection for best results and this doesn’t require a wifi password.

Your question is not clear so you can do a factory reset (find in the setup menu). Then go to the network settings and select the proper settings. Here is the manual for the player in case you have lost yours.


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