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Why will only certain SATA data cables work?

My customer brought in an iMac that had gone to another repair shop, had the drive replaced because the first one was supposedly defective. It worked for several weeks and then stopped booting. We have determined that the first drive is actually operational when we use one of our straight connector SATA data cables from stock. It will not work with the original Apple SATA data cable though - do drive is recognized at all. I was sure that I just needed a new data cable with the 90 degree bends similar to the Apple able, so I purchased one new at CompUSA and tried it out (up to 3GPS). Nothing. The exact same results as with the Apple original cable. Swap back to my straight cable, boots right up. Can there be a difference in the cables themselves? Everything I read say's no, but there sure is something going on there. I wish the straight cable would fit, but I have to use one with the 90 degree bends. :o(


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check the 90 degree cable with a multimeter for continuity and resistance. if you see any abnormality then the cable might be suspect. Also verify the cable ends, the contacts might not be 100% lined up. It also wouldn't hurt to check your connector on the logic board to make sure the contacts are straight and in the correct spot.

I've once purchased a few cheap cables and had a 50% failure rate due to the ends. after straightening the contacts the cables were working. I quickly returned them all once new cables came in. My clients were wondering why i was asking for their computers back a week later.

Also check the original cable to see if it's damaged as that might help you locate the fault on the new cable.

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+ this is not a special cable. As strange as it seems you may have run into two defective cables


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