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Hands-free voice-activated device by Amazon powered by Alexa Voice Service. Model S04WQR.

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Echo Dot will not turn on

1.I have tried turning off modem/router, then unplugging the Echo Dot before turning everything on again. 2. Restart button with paper clip. 3. Activation button on top of Dot. 4. Holding down mute button and volume decrease button at same time.

None of these work. The Echo Dot will simply not turn on. And I get no wi-fi for Alexa when I go to Alexa App, choose device, and search for the Alexa App wi-fi.

HELP!!!! THANKS!!! Val

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Vlad, check your power supply and make sure it works. If it does, you will have to take your Dot apart and check the power connector etc.. Also, try a USB charger from an iPad etc on your Dot and see if that brings it to live. Use this teardown for an idea of what to expect Amazon Echo Dot Teardown

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Thank you veery much! I will try teardown procedure.


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