Apple Thunderbolt Monitor A1407 fails to generate image.

Hooked it up to an iMac and the iMac detects the display and gives me the chance to position the monitor image with respect to the iMac’s image. If I move the mouse pointer towards the A1407, the pointer will disappear as it moves out of the iMac’s frame and reappears if I reverse direction back to the iMac.

The A1407 fails to generate an image. Haven’t tried with other Apple computers, yet. Also have yet to shine a light on the A1407 to see if there is actually an image, but no backlighting.

What else can I test and try?

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Place a flashlight onto the screen at a sharp angle it should offer enough light so you can see a faint image of your desktop and its icons.

If you do its telling us your backlight circuit needs to be investigated.

Are you able open your system and solder SMT components?


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