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The Asus VivoTab Smart is a colorful 10.1" Windows 8 smart tablet released in November 2012. It comes with an Intel CPU for multimedia enjoyment.

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Window installation cannot proceed

When I turn on my tablet, a message came up ‘The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click “OK” to restart the computer, then restart the installation.’ I followed the instruction by clicking OK, and the message came back. I did this several times and each time the same thing happened and I could not proceed further. What should I do .

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There is one thing you can maybe do. Does it have windows 10?

If yes,you can go to Microsoft’s website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software...

This is the official iso(software that is designed to install the necessary operating system). You can use this software to create a flash drive installer. You must use another computer to do this though.

Once finished,

Power off the pc. Plug the flash drive into into the computer,then start the laptop while holding shift,then hit the power button and hold it until it turns off. Repeat this step until it says its checking your pc(for issues since the shift start power off step tricks it that it’s not working correctly,basically a back door to get to the next step). Then it’ll boot up into a menu for options. Click advanced,then advanced. Then click start up options with efi usb device. It I’ll then restart into the flash drive(it will use the software on the flash drive to boot),then click install on windows. This will fully install windows 10 on the laptop.

Unlike from settings when when you reset the pc,this completely deletes the operating system and recovery,and the data that allows you to reset it and reinstall.( Normally erasing and resetting only reinstalls the os. This reinstalls the os and all extra files too. It’s a true fresh install aka best of the best). This reinstalls Microsoft’s windows 10 without bloatware from your manufacturer by the way. This is actually good typically.

Let let me know if you have any further questions.

Btw you need a 16 fab flash drive or higher. 16 would work.

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Thanks. I managed to get my windows back and running by following your description. Although the windows was running, the modem and touchscreen did not respond. I managed to go the ASUS support website and have utilities consisting all drivers downloaded and installed. My tablet is now working perfectly.

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Hey. I’m so sorry. I forgot to mention the drivers. Usually wiring by Ethernet also updates automatically,or you can use the website as you did. Sorry. I was trying to help you out but stupidly forgot to tell you that all extra drivers need to be reinstalled.

I’m happy you got it working though :)


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