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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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check timming honda accord 1992

need to check timing need proper procedure

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Hi marinersdad.

To check/adjust timing for 92 Accord 2.2 L /4 cylinder:

Find open connector with red & green wires behind passenger kick panel (mounted vertically, just below dash) and insert suitable wire or connector to “jump”, to enter service mode.

Remove timing plug located just beyond end of exhaust manifold, to expose timing pointer/alignment marks.

Loosen the 3 distributor bolts just enough (and no more) to allow you to rotate the distributor, when the time comes.

Attach the positive lead from your timing light to the positive post on the battery, attach the ground lead to a good ground on the frame of the vehicle, etc., and set the timing light inductive pickup/lead to the number 1 cylinder plug wire (that would be the first cylinder, located closest to the driver’s side of the vehicle).

Start the engine & allow it to warm up to normal operating temperature.

Once the engine is warmed up, point the light and press the trigger so the timing light can illuminate the timing set pointer and marks. There are 3 lines grouped closely together. The center line should be aligned with the pointer. If it isn’t, slowly rotate the distributor a very short range in one direction, and recheck the alignment. If it’s worse, rotate the distributor again in the opposite direction, and recheck again.

Once properly aligned, snug the top bolt on the distributor to prevent it from moving, and then mark it’s position.

You can turn the engine off now. Snug the other distributor bolts. Using a torque wrench and armed with the torque specs for these, proceed to tighten the distributor bolts to spec (16 ft/lbs?).

Disconnect the timing light.

Reinsert the timing plug.

Remove the service mode jumper, and reinstall the kick panel.

And that’s it.

Hope this helps. And just FYI, there are a number of videos on this on YouTube, as well.

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Ah, just get a Haynes repair book. It should tell you what you want to know.

You have to have the timing marks set properly for timing and balance shafts belts.

You also have to have the distributor placed in the right position in relation to the distributor cap.

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Will this fix a no start after hot

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