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Model A2159, EMC 3301. A refresh of the entry-level 13" MacBook Pro. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released July 2019.

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Bad facetime audio, microphones locations?

The audio from my side of facetime isn't very good, but if I knew where the mics are located it might help. On apple site is says there are three microphones, but in the teardown i could only see one. Where are the others? Thanks.

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How to mute it!?

can i pull out the mic cable for privacy reasons or will this mess up the macbook??

can you tell me how to do it?


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First as you have such a new system you really need to get your system serviced by Apple as its still under warranty!

To answer your direct question:

Both the older four USB-C port models and two port models have three microphones as you can see in the following images.

Block Image

Here you can see the wholes for the two external mics

Block Image

The newer two port system has them placed just to the side of the Touch Bar. While not very clear I’ve marked them here

Block Image

And here is where they are located on the top side of the case

Block Image

The audio ribbon cable seen here is where they are located on the back side where I’ve marked

Block Image

Keep in mind only two are used for voice, the third is used to monitor the internal noise to cancel it out.

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Thank you. I just don’t understand why are all of them in the same place, Apple thing I guess.


Not sure I follow you here??

The placement is designed to create a stereo sound map so the background noise can be isolated from the speaker.

It is using the same approach noise canceling headphones work How Noise-canceling Headphones Work As you can see the microphones are near each other.


This is not my area of expertise. But thinking about it for a couple minutes I thought if one microphone was on the left, one on the right, and another on top near the webcam, there would be greater potential in catching good audio. But I guess I’m wrong.


You are thinking on how you do stereo recording is done because you want to hear the distance distortion. Then you would have wanted two sets of noise canceling mics on each side as far away from each other as you can .


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