laptop booting up on battery,shut down when connected power inop

Sony laptop booting up on battery ok,connected power lead and it shutdown,charger lead and battery both checked OK.

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How did you test the charger?


Charger checked using a Fluke multimeter19.6V.Tried a fully charged battery,still nothing,tried total power down then power lead with battery removed,still inop.


In that case. My best bet would be a short in the port or the mainboard. You would have to take it apart and test the port... Unplug the port and then connect your charger and test the end connector of the port and see if the voltage is the same. If it's good then the board has a issue.


Also try with charger plugged in and battery not installed see if it turns on.


Removed the base and checked the the power at the end connector,OK.Also tried powering up with battery removed,no joy.Suspect motherboard.


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