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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Boot problems, slow and lagging MacBook

My macbook suddenly lagged, like it takes a full minute to open an app or a file, I tried to restore it to factory settings and reinstall Mojave (since I did not have a time machine backup) but it still had the same problem. Also when powering up,when clicking the power button the screen just flashes and shuts down, I need to hold down the power button for it to properly boot ( this happened before and after the restore) but when it does boot up it still is very slow and the colour wheel just spins for a while before opening anything . I did the first aid and diagnostics and it said there wasn’t any problems found. Is there any way to fix this on my own or would I need to bring it to an Apple store?

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Diagnostics is not a terribly sofisticated tool, it just provides basic info but many less evident faults go unnoticed. Since you already reinstalled the OS without a change it’s very likely there’s a hardware issue. Try unplugging the battery as a faulty one may cause throttling of the CPU and sluggish performance and see if the problem disappears. If things don’t get better in absence of a diagnostic hint there’s not much you can do on your own..replacing random parts may be a very expensive way of trying to fix a Mac.

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I have this exact problem - Have tried various things with no luck - have it booked into the Genius bar next Saturday - will feed anything back if there is any news


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Sounds like the CPU is getting throttled for some reason… could be a tired battery or perhaps the thermal paste between the heat sink and the CPU has dried up.

To check battery health:

  1. Click the apple icon in the top left corner
  2. Hold down the Option key and select System Information
  3. Under the Hardware group, select Power
  4. In the right window, check Condition (should be Normal)

If you’re interested in seeing how fast your CPU is actually running (in GHz), you can install Intel Power Gadget. It’ll show you both CPU core frequency and temperature.

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I checked the battery info and it says the following, cycle count:688 condition: normal amperage(mA) 3281 and voltage(mV): 11745. Then I downloaded that Intel Power Gadget but can’t make out what the readings mean.

Power pkg 4.53 core 0.46 gfx 1.06 dram 0.58

Frequency core 0.5 gfx 0.3

Temperature pkg 54

Utilisation 20.20

I don’t have anything running besides that intel power gadget and system info,


Condition normal is good, and a negative amperage number simply indicates that the battery is discharging. Check that the amperage number turns positive after the charger has been connected for a while (you'll have to re-open System Information). That will indicate a good battery, taking a charge.

A core frequency of 0.5 GHz is very low, indicating a slow-running CPU. I have the exact same computer and my core frequency never dips below 1.3 GHz, even at idle. You might want to try an SMC reset to see if that speeds up your CPU: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201295


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Hi Michael brother. I am facing the same issue how did you you finally solve this problem

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I checked my battery power which shows normal also the negative amperage turns positive once the charger is connected. Someone suggested it could be an issue with your Ram or even a lagging SSD. I also wiped clean my SSD & reinstalled MacOS Catalina but still the same issue. Is there any other solution to this. Thanks.


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Might be of use but my screen hardware slowed my macbook to snail pace/unusable speed.

It was sudden - one day my laptop was fine, suddenly its unusable. I tried SSD, logic board ets. Never thought that it would be the screen causing it. I bought a second hand laptop same model to try parts and replacing the screen fixed the problem! Put the original screen back and the problem came back.

Can't find anything online about this. Maybe worth a try if you can find another screen to test.

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Hello, seems I have the same problem!

I switch the screen and everything works great again. Very strange and I would like to know the reason.


Same problem to me..but i can't afford to replace a screen now.Can i use a external monitor to fix the problem ?


Hello, in my case I discovered that the problems comes from the camera.

When I disconnect the camera, the macbook works fine but with camera connected, the macbook was unusable !!!

I now use a software and my iphone as an external camera : better image quality and very cheap solution compared to a screen replacement.

Very easy to check it : just unplug the camera cable.

Hope it helps,



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