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Sparks and Horn while Jump Starting

I left my car for a couple of weeks while gone, it is a 2018 Honda Civic EX-T. When I came back and tried to get in all the lights were out and nothing on the dash was lighting up so I figure the battery was dead and tried to jump start my car. However, when I go to jump start my car, after I attach the first three leads and I go to attach my final one at the ground spot on my car, it sparks immediately and the front lights go off and the horn sounds. Because of this I haven’t fully attached the final lead and tried jumping my car yet. I am confused why it is sparking and why the horns are going off, should I just leave it attached after the initial horn sound and continue to jump the car? I don’t understand what else I am doing wrong I am attaching the cables in the right order and I saw in other posts that the horn is going off because the car still thinks it is locked but I didn’t see any posts addressing the sparks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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I have the same problem minus the sparks


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You accidentally have the cables crossed. A honking horn and lots of sparks are classic symptoms. Red goes to positive, green to ground. The positive post is also the larger one.

Now, hopefully you didn't burn out any fuses... or the multifuse. If needed, check for power on both sides of the fuses (ingoing and outgoing).

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