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Unit will drain, but only for about 6-7 seconds, then cont. to wash

My washer begins it’s cycle, then it drains partially, then continues with its cycle. This caused an accumulation of water in the tub to the point where the unit is half full of water.

Update (08/06/2019)

I am afraid to put in a new pump because the pump is working, just will not run until the tub is empty.

Update (08/06/2019)

This unit is a LG model # - WM3180CW

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Does your machine start as soon as the pump stops? If so then you pump is fine and you may have a water level sensor out of place or defective, worse case is the control board.

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Yes. When I turn on machine and select a cycle, the unit starts by draining for about 6-7 seconds. Then it begins the cycle. Could it possibly be a pressure switch?


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