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Car Radio only turns on when pressure is applied upwards

I have a alpine MDA 7755 and the car radio only turns up when i use pressure upwards from under the radio. It turns back off when I stop applying pressure.

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@johnadams123 loose cable or loose ground could be an issue. Make sure the cable connections are all properly seated and that you do have good ground. Anything after that would require you to disassemble your radio to take a closer look at it. There could possibly issues with getting a schematics for it etc.

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It sounds like you had this unit for a while. If you hit the control knob or applied pressure many times, most likely you broken the solder joints.

If you mechanically incline, open it up and look where the knob connects to the board. If you see the solder joints move any when you apply pressure to the knob, then you can try soldering it yourself. Home Depot or Lowes has a cheap small soldering iron.

Otherwise toss it and replace it

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