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The iMac G3 came in tangerine, blueberry, lime, grape, and strawberry colors.

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file sharing only works one way

Hi I’m trying to transfer files from my macintosh performa (OS 7.6) to an iMac g3 powerpc (OS 9.2). The computers are connected directly via a crossover cable and I have file sharing on and program linking on for both. I have set both computer’s IP addresses (the shared one to and the one receiving files to and the net mask ( I have my users access privileges set to “everyone” and on my iMac I have checked the box marked “enable file sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP”. However, I do not see the same checkbox on my performa so I figured having TCP/IP active on my performa was enough to allow access.

The issue is that I can only share files to my performa and not to my iMac. When I go to the chooser control panel on my performa I can input the iMac IP address and everything works fine. However, when I do the same on my iMac and input my performa’s IP address it hits me with the “no response from the server” error. What am I doing wrong?

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Heres what I found: AppleShare simply didn’t work on my computer. I read somewhere that it may be because I had to install an app (Shareway IP) on OS 7.6 to allow me to use AppleShare via TCP/IP. Instead, I chose to go the FTP route. To do this I installed an FTP server onto an OSX laptop via terminal commands and connected both computers to an ethernet switch. Then I opened fetch on my OS 7.6 computer and under the hostname I put the OSX computer’s IP number. Under username and password I used the OSX’s user information. Then I simply dragged and dropped all the files I needed to be put onto the OSX computer! It definitely wasn’t as fun as trying to wrangle a bunch of old hardware but it was certainly simpler.

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