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This LG Tribute smartphone is identified by model number LS660. The device was released in October of 2014 and runs on the Android operating system.

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Phone stuck on Android is starting screen

Phone was shut off Durning a factory reset when it was turned back on it went to Android is starting starting apps in a white box with a blue circle going non-stop for days. So did another factory reset this time it went all the way through it little Android dude came on it restarted went to same screen with white box and there it sits with that blue circle spinning. PLEASE HELP

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If your phone is fully charged, then you can try contacting the manufacturer or service center

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This is a common issue you might face while force restarts on a hard reset period. Actually, while hard resigning the Android system create a temporary cache partition to store information and all. A force restart or restart due to the low battery can lead to the dead screen. No matter which Android you are using. You can simply try clearing the cache. you can press the volume up+ power button and select wipe cache partition. once wiped, then try hard resetting the phone. Hope this may help. You can google for how to wipe cache partition on Android. Also, try booting the phone in safe mode to ensure the problem is related to software and not a hardware component.

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Check your settings when I went to my settings I investigated that there was no home launcher app selected

Wierd… even there was no manufacturer set launcher app

But my phone is still functional

I could still go settings and scroll my notification bar and I realized my phone had a “ultra power saving mode launcher” which is bit like Samsung's but different it allows u to use apps that a lot of power consumption so I used that to access my apps

When i thought why don't I download a Android launcher… and then it worked I applied it as my default launcher and my phone no longer says “Android is starting” no longer a problem!

Phone : Alcatel 1c (2019)

Hope this works for you…

Search for the internet “how to fix stuck startup screen via ADB” as well if your familiar with the ADB tool for pc

There are communities that will help your problem via using ADB command line to fix this issue



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