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The Nikon Coolpix AW130 is a point-and-shoot camera released by Nikon in 2015.

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Water Damage - left battery door open

I left the battery door open and went swimming with the camera (fresh water). the camera now longer works. Any ideas on what might have been damaged? I am wondering if I buy one with a cracked screen is I can use the parts between them to get it working again.

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Would imagine the procedure for fixing your unit is similar to the procedures used in water immersed phones which basically taking the whole unit apart and drying it out, cleaning it and then troubleshooting/reassembling to access any potential component damage. Might want to do a search for a good run down on this subject by another participant here named "oldturkey" who answered a poster recently regarding their immersed phone.

As per replacement parts from another unit with a broken screen, there is no guarentee that other components weren't also damaged. It's a step by step process. Youtube (or similar) may also be a good source for repair instuctions, tips etc.

Went back and found the link along with comments and pointers to further information regarding water damage by participant here "jayeff". See My phone redmi note 6 pro was dead because of water. So what I do? for further info.

As an aside, unless I am missing something obvious, I'm surprised that there doesn't appear to be a FAQ on this common problem.


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I’d teardown the camera and clean it with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and then re-assemble it once it has dried. This gets most of the water damaged electronics I have worked on to turn on as it cleans off corrosion and minerals that have formed. Afterwards, test the camera and replace any faulty components.

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