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battery connection plate came off mainboard

Hi all, Im new here and would like some advice.

I have just started fixing ipod touches and selling them on, I have come across a problem, when de-soldering a battery on a 32gb 3rd gen the centre plate came away from the mainboard! I have tried to get a fixing to the remaining thread but that also came away! is there any way of bypassing the centre plate and say soldering the centre battery terminal to a pin on the inside with a fine sleeved wire? it sounds logical unless the mainboard changes the current through resistors???!!!??? would really appreciate any help.


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I had the center pin come off on me also, but it pulled the copper strip away from the motherboard and broke. Like Dan asked is there another terminal that a small wire can be soldered to bypass that center terminal?


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This is simple, the pad the lifted off you need to put back in place. If you have rosin flux in a liquid form use that cause once it dries it becomes sticky and will hold it in place for a little while. Then solder the two outside connections of the battery first and then lastly solder the center connection. This will keep the connection held down and the flux will conduct electricity through itself. I have done it many times

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