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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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Fan on my XBOX 360 not turning on.

I got a Xbox 360 from my friend with Red Ring of Death issue. I dismantled the xbox 360, cleaned every part

Removed the heatsink paste, cleaned the processors with little alcohol. Applied new heatsink paste, assembled to he machine for testing. The fans does not spin after powering on (same red ring). I tested the fan connection with 12v adapter and they are spinning properly.

Please help me in solving this.

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I don’t know much about XBOXs but I think it’s really really hard to fix the red ring of death. Try: installing new fans, new proccesor, GPU, etc, or take it to a repair shop so they can figure out what’s wrong with it.

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Agreed, it's hard. I don't understand how the fans working with external power and not when connected to Xbox mother board


I don't know what it looks like inside an XBOX, but is there some way to just take the fans and the fan cables out and put new ones in for a start?


Yes all said by you is possible. Fan inside my Xbox is working when I tested it. Problem is it's not working when connected to Xbox. I hope you got the issue.


Oh I see. Very weird indeed. There must be something wrong with something like the logic board or fan connector or similar. I'll think about it.


Maybe try getting a new logic board or power supply for the xbox? It's all I can think of right now. I'll get back to you on it.


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