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Curved screen LED monitor released by Samsung in May 2015, identifiable by the model number S27E510C.

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Blackness on part of screen and cracks

This morning my Samsung 32in curbed monitor fell and cracked under the screen (no outside damage) and that side of the screen is black. Is there a way to fix this without paying bcuz it could just be a technical issue even though I fought that.

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yup, these are super easy to break. i broke 2 of these monitors. i have traveled with other monitors all over the world but these are soooo breakable. So far i have just bought new ones to replace the broken ones.. tigerdirect has refurbished ones for $149


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You likely cracked the lcd (liquid crystal display). Unfortunately once the liquid is out, there's no easy fix and you'll have to replace the display.

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Brownbailey may be correct. Computer monitors are considered to be Field Replaceable Units, which means that they only get replaced by technicians, not repaired. Opening some types of monitor without the right equipment may even be dangerous because they can still hold a charge even if turned off.

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