My racing pedals are not functioning properly.

My g27 pedals are not working properly. I discovered that it was a loose or broken wire connection, outside the pedals main platform. I cut the wire and rejoined them, but I am still having connection problems, which shows up on my race games. Possibly loose or broken wire inside the actual device. I am not confident to take this apart without knowing what I am doing. Please advise me if you can. Thanks MR. C. M. Davenport

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Might be you need to recalibrate your unit after repairing it.

If no success with recalibration suggest you do a search on Google Images for your unit plus the search term "teardown". This site also has info on doing repairs on that unit which may give you a good idea on how to proceed if the unit needs to be taken apart etc. See:

Logitech G27


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