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The face-lifted version of the second generation Scion tC, with new headlights, tail lights, grille, and other modifications.

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I am looking for a service manual for my 2015 TC. Where to look?

I have owned my TC since new and want to do as much of the servicing as possible myself. What would you recommend for either a hardcopy manual or an online resource?

Thank you!


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You’ll have to purchase a digital one online. This is where I bought mine: http://repair.chiltondiy.com/Pub/DIY/Pro...

I would buy the cheapest plan & if you have a printer at home, print ALL the pages out & assemble your own physical manual book.

It’s a good thing 2011-2016 Scion Tcs have interchangable parts, since new ones are hard to find AND they’re expensive. If you’re handy with tools or know someone who is, I’d highly suggest looking into “pic-a-part” lots to find any part you need & take it off. It’s the cheapest route you can take.

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Ace Solomon, any chance to scan yours and sell a copy to Kris K via email?


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