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The Nissan Xterra is an SUV that was manufactured and marketed by Nissan Motors across two generations, utilizing its Nissan F-Alpha platform shared with the Nissan Frontier pickup.

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vehicle cut off while driving and wont start

are there any safety devices in a 2002 Xterra that would shut off the engine that need to be reset or could the fuel pump be bad

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Let's start with the basics. Check your owner's manual for any fuel supply cut off switch. On Fords, they are often in the trunk of passenger footwell - the location of this will be located in the owner's manual. Once we've ruled that out as a cause, check the fuse for the fuel pump. If the fuse is good and getting voltage (you'll need a test light for this), move on to the fuel pump relay. Test the fuel pump relay by trying another relay in it's place. If this still doesn't fix it, check for power and ground in the harness that plugs into the fuel pump with the test light. If you get power and ground, then you've managed to isolate the issue to the fuel pump.

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i have got the same problem need solution


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