It wont power on

I left it on charge when I came back the screen was blank. I tried all the answers I've googled such has holding power button down for 20 seconds, holding power and volume buttons simultaneously, still nothing. When I connect the charger nothing shows. The charger is good because I tried it on another device. It won't power on.

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Have you tried hooking the unit up to a computer to see if it is recognized? If it is, then it would be a good opportunity to transfer any photo's, email or other data you want to save. The most likely next step would to open up the unit and check for any visual internal damage, loose connections etc and take voltage and continuity measurements. See the following link for further details:

Verizon Ellipsis 8


I think I'll try hooking to a computer and see if its recognized. Hopefully it will be. Thx for the advice


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