2 Confusing Problems, White screen, power loop

Hi there,

I have 2 Lifebook A152's to repair. (Yes A512, it’s not in the list)

First one:

Powers on. White screen appears. I can't use any buttons or anything to access Bios. Also, no output to external monitor either. (do you have to press buttons to get an external monitor working? I'm using HDMI and nothing is displaying).

- Note, After about 20 seconds, the screen goes blank, then back to white again, but now strangely, i can use the Fn. Keys to turn up and down the screen brightness... So i think behind the white, its actually getting past the boot section, and going into the windows part (due to being able to use brightness keys) BUT, it's still pure bright White.

Second one:

I stripped it RIGHT down so nothing is plugged in, not even the screen. Only the Motherboard, Ram and CPU a,d when u turn on? Fan spins for 2 seconds and it restarts itself. On, off, on, off, fan spins for a couple of seconds, loops, NOTHING on the display when plugged in.

- The only way to interrupt ot stop this, it to remove the RAM, so only the CPU and motherboard and powered, this causes the fan to spin for 2 seconds, then stop, and the power light to just keep flashing along with the power indicator on the front of the laptop.

Friends, please read this and please help. I could lose my job if i don't come up with some answers.

NOTE: On the A152 there is no Separate Graphics Chip, so it's not that causing the issue on either, and I've also removed and cleaned the Fan/Copper cooler piping and added arctic Silver paste to the CPU's of both, so it's not overheating in that sense.

Again, i really need some answers or ideas!

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Hi @colorfree ,

There's not much info out there about this model ;-)

With regards to the first laptop did you try pressing Fn + F10 (both together) to see if you can toggle the display between laptop, external or both when the laptop has booted and you have an external monitor connected?

I only suggested Fn + F10 because reviewing other Fujitsu laptops this seems to be the most common combination used when selecting an external monitor option.

If it doesn't work try other combinations using Fn + F?.

With the second one, did you try starting it with the battery removed and just powered by the charger?

Also most PCs need a minimum of power, motherboard, ram (unless it is onboard ram) AND keyboard to start to boot correctly. Obviously the display helps as well ;-)


HI man thanks for the reply. Ok check this crap lol. I managed to replace the CPU AND the screen on the laotop that has white display. The Graphics chip is inside the CPU. White screen, replace the screen and the CPU/GPU and STILL a white screen... wth?? lol And the other one, Ive had JUST the Motherboard and CPU and ram in, press the button, light comes on, fan spins for 2 seconds and it goes off and restarts loop. If the HDD is connected, that beeps immediately after it starts. on, off, on off... HELP!


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