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8.9" or 10.2" LED-backlit display, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270, released October 29, 2008.

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Installing Windows from a MacBook Pro?

Ok I have an HP Mini which had a bad SSD. I replaced the SSD with a similar one, but I have been unable to install Windows to it being that this unit doesn't have an optical drive and I have no other Windows machines available. I tried installing to the drive via my mac, but I get an error stating that Windows can't be installed via USB. Is there a work-around for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Bump. Where are the P.C Specialists? R.J? ;)


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Here is a way to install Windows 7 from a USB.


Also here is the official Microsoft Way.


All these steps should be able to be done from your Mac. If not just install bootcamp and use Windows 7 on this to do all the above steps. You will not need to activate windows on bootcamp because you get it free for 30 days. Once you get Windows 7 installed on the HP then go to the HP Support site and download your drivers.


Just input your product name and select the OS you have and down load and install.

Let us know how is goes. Good luck!!!

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Thanks Justin. Yes, this actually worked for me. I wiped the Dust off of the Parallels DVD and swallowed the $40 upgrade price in order to just be able to format NTFS and get this done. Took me all night cause of all the fancy command stuff, but I got it done. Windows 7 is running beautifully on this tiny machine. Had to upgrade RAM to 2GB Crucial to smooth things out a little, but all in all good Windows Machine to have around for the not so Mac friendly things that need to get done.


I actually didn't have to download any drivers manually, thank goodness. Only the network printer drivers were necessary in order for Windows to "see" and communicate with the wireless printer already on the network. This is what I love about MacOS, as soon as I updated to Lion and tried to use my printer, the OS notified me that I needed to download updated software, and 3 minutes later Printer was back online. The Windows side of things took some fancy maneuvering.


Hi Majesty--happy you were able to resolve your problem. We both learned something. rj


No, thank you Rj. Your PC Prowess is always appreciated.


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Hi Majesty, The best I can do for you is suggest borrowing a external DVD drive and try installing that way. If the old drive will work at all you could reinstall it and use the linked software to copy your drive. (A Windows version of CCC). Good luck Ralph


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Well, I have a new drive the problem is that I can't install the OS remotely. Don't want to purchase an external DVD just for this process. hmmm


+ I wholeheartedly agree.


That's why I suggested "borrow" ;)


OK, but will the Mini recognize the external drive right off the bat? remember, it has no system installed and I can't install drivers if they are necessary.


I honestly don't know--all I can do is suggest you try. Usually these basic items are in bios but not always. If the DVD drive is borrowed all you are out is some time. If that fails you are going to have to find a Windows unit somewhere to load your hard drive. Start up holding F12 to get the start up menu. Best luck. rj


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