Possible Left I/O Board Failure?

Well this all started a little over a month ago. Out of no where, my Mac would hang while using Safari. Then in a matter of moments, I started receiving the "No airport card installed" error message -- pretty common after doing some research. However, NONE of the posted solutions solved my problem. Trust me, I tried them ALL so I won't go into detail regarding the possible "solutions." I will state that I made sure my Airport Extreme card was properly seated and that the left I/O board was correctly installed as well. All-in-all, everything is connected as they should be. I narrowed the issue down to a hardware fault instead of a software issue considering the Snow Leopard DVD did not recognize the Airport card either. Nonetheless, I reformatted anyway. Still no Airport card. System Profiler only recognizes ethernet, bluetooth, and firewire... No Airport. Considering this thing is from 2006, it occurred to me that its days might be numbered -- I have quite a few wifi devices. Anyways, with that in mind, I decided to steal the Airport card out of my 1st gen AppleTV. Though they aren't the same, I figured it was worth a short. Well, it didn't work. HOWEVER, the opposite did. I inserted my thought-to-be-dead Airport card from my Macbook Pro into the AppleTV and IT WORKED. So, this tells me that the Airport Extreme card IS functional. Now that I have narrowed the problem down as far as I can, does this mean the issue lies within the left I/O board? It charges just find, audio in and out works, and the USB port is fully functional. Is it possible that just the mini PCIe port is broken? Whether or not that is true, I would still have to replace the entire I/O board.

Does anybody have any last-ditch efforts for me to try? This thing has been a rock -- only needing a RAM, hard drive, and OS upgrade for 5 years. I'd hate to lose this but can't put too much money into it. The left I/O card isn't the cheapest part. I know I could just stick with wired internet, but depending on what exactly has failed, I don't want to risk compromising the whole system.

I guess I could sum this up in a nutshell:

Macbook Pro does NOT recognize Airport card but AppleTV does. ::sigh::

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Does the MBP see the new card? Are these cards the same part numbers? I've replaced a lot of cards but never has the board fail.


The MPB does not see neither of the two cards, yet my AppleTV can connect to my wireless network using either one. The cards I am using are the IF185-057-1 (MBP) and the IF185-038-1 (AppleTV). Considering the ATV is basically a Mac mini... mini (Mac nano?) with a OSX, I figured it should have the drivers to utilize either card -- and it did.


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If it were me I'd still replace the card before doing anything else. I've just seen to many of them burned to start with anything else. You can try a hard wired ethernet connection just to check.

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A new card has been ordered. The reason I feel it may be the left i/o board is because the airport card I *thought* was broken works flawlessly in another machine.


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