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Выпущенный 16 сентября 2016 года смартфон нарекли iPhone 7 Plus. Вышло несколько моделей нового устройства: A1661, A1784, и A1785, а также можно было выбрать между версиями на 32, 128 и 256 Гб встроенного накопителя. На выбор можно было приобрести золотой, розовое золото, серебристый, Jet Black и (PRODUCT) Red оттенки корпусов.

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iPhone 7 plus charging dock replacement bootloop battery burn out.

This has been a repair from heck first time ive had to result in asking in forums.

Customer came in saying his headphones wouldnt work also needed a screen repair.

I replaced lightning connector and screen. It bootlooped. Connected it to the charger it burnt the battery out.

Replaced the battery and lightning connector it bootlooped again.

Forced iTunes mode it wont even let the computer read it left it plugged into to computer it burnt the new battery out.

Replaced battery found out that when the lightning connector is unplugged it boots up just fine. But that's not functional.

The low battery while dead has even been shown, let it try to charge another batter burnt to 0.00-0.01v

I have no idea what to do at this point.

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Malfunctioning tristar?


• Have you tried another good charging cable?

• How many amps is it drawing on your amp meter when plugged in?


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Tristar maybe…

Have you tested for shorts on the charging port pins? If not,do this. For the battery to drain like that,there must be excessive current flow. There must be some kind of short in that case for the battery to just drain when the port is connected.

How many amps is it drawing? Does the battery work fine without the lightning connector attached?

Did you use a known good charging dock? This means you know for sure it is good and works. Not that you assume it does,especially if it’s generic.

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There is several region for that problem.By seeing that history there is some how shorting that problem cause throw the home button side throw don`t ignore it.See carefully any parts on motherboard burnt.Mostly capacitor.If the trister have issues the amp takes high while on on. Trister must be problem of that cause.

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