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A Chromebook built to withstand drops, spills, and sudden shock and designed for the classroom and for users who spend lots of time on the road.

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Dosent charge when plugged in but dose with other peoples chargers

Just like the title says. It dosent charge at all (since it's my school laptop) I've used peers and teachers chargers and its seems to work fine, it's just mine. I've replaced it this morning but it still dosent want to charge. Any help would be amazing!

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fuboom99 since”I've used peers and teachers chargers and its seems to work fine “ it will be your charger. If everybody else works on your computer except your own charger, it is your charger that needs replacement. Talk to your IT person at school.

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I did but all they did was issue me a new charger. This would be the second charger I've used that has the problem...with me at least..


Odd but not impossible. Have the IT person check your computer to see how much power it draws.


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