Danger from punctured or otherwise damaged battery?


today I opened my old iPod Touch to try to repair or bypass the home button.

While doing so, following the guide on this page, I damaged the hull of the battery. The guide suggested prying the battery off carefully with a spudge, which I did. Unfortunately the glue seemed to be quite strong, as some of silverish outer foil stuck to the glue and ripped the battery open. Underneath, within the battery some other, silver surface became visible. I noticed no smell, the iPod is still working.

I wrapped the battery in scotch tape immediately to prevent any moisture from getting inside. I'm unsure how to proceed though - I realize the battery is broken and should be replaced.

I also noticed however, that there were tiny punctures anyway on the label side of the battery, resulting from small pieces of dust which managed to get into the iPod and between the battery and the rear panel. So maybe it is not necessary for the outer envelope to be airtight?

Nevertheless I need to know: is there any imminent danger I should be aware of? Is it safe to store the battery in my home until I can dispose it properly or is there a risk of fire involved?

Thanks alot!

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No risk of fire the metal is just shielding. Do dispose of the battery but your not in any danger.

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I have to jump in here. I punctured my iPhone 4 battery. The flare is so bright and smoke started to come out. It created fire. This was on side opposite to the little 4 pin connector. I tried to put out this little flare with my finger and it burned the tip of my finger so bad it melted the nail.

Now, this is no imagination and no movie. Please be very careful when you remove the battery. It does indeed catch fire if punctured badly.

I would put it in a closed non-metallic container and take it to proper battery disposal area.

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Yes if u kept this battery in it home,the gas of the liquid will go to all it house and if lighted a match next to it,the gas will come right through ur lungs an u will die

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I am not sure what movies you are watching, but this is a pretty wrong answer....


it's a wrong answer but a great imagination ;-)


I thought about the same thing. I am sure I've seen it in a movie once :-)


mcgyver? die hard?


Now I remember, it was " The Third Man" starring Orson Welles, great film noir :-)


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