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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Black screen of death

I’ve been working with a Microsoft surface Pro 4 tablet, and have plugged in the screen to the logic board but have **NOT** seen the screen come on after replacing the battery, however the LED on the charger illuminates when the charger is plugged.

I tried resetting the tablet using the;

• hold power button for 30 seconds, release button

• then hold power and volume up button for 15 seconds, release buttons

• then wait 10 seconds and press power button

I tried that procedure with the table plugged to the charger and not plugged in, but still did not see any activity from the screen.

What would be the next logical thing to check and see where the fault would be that is preventing this tablet for booting?

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Hi there,

It’s really sorry to see that you have encountered this issue, you may check out the post below to see if these tips helpful.


Please keep me updated, thank you!

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@v3nuo thanks for the reply but unfortunately I'm running into a hardware / component related issue with this tablet. I have put a YouTube playlist together for some of the videos that I think are helpful when working with these tablets.



@ipatch Sorry it didn't help you, you have realized it's hardware/component related issue, what you should do next may goes to troubleshooting the hardware and devices, hope you'll figure it out as soon.



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