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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by the German motor group, BMW.

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MY 2011 G650 GS will not cold start. turns over but will not start.

I have checked the kill switch and foot stand switch both seem normal. The battery is on a BMW maintainer, is fully charged and new. Engine turns over but will not catch. There are no service locations in my area as I am visiting Grenada. Looking for a service manual that will load to a MAC or ipad as last resort. Thanks Richard

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In the old days you needed spark, gas and compression, now you need so many more things, timing sensors and other electronic items, can you verify you have spark while cranking? do you have a manual choke lever? Do you have gas on the spark plug, you see it wet and smells of gas, maybe its flooding cold and wont start due to being over wet with gas? Is the spark plug black looking, change spark plugs.

May need deeper diagnosis of fuel delivery, spark strength, compression testing, etc.

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