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An external Thunderbolt & USB 3.0 external SSD for use for Macintosh systems (formatted with a GUID partition). Using a Windows system one can reformat the drive to a FAT32, xFAT or NTFS volume for use with Windows systems.

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Can I put another SSD into this enclosure?

I have the storejet 500 SSD with 256gb, however, I’d like to put a larger ssd into it, probably a 1 or 2tb samsung evo. This is because it has a thunderbolt 1 port and most other enclosures have usb3 or tb3, neither of which suit my old iMac (21.5, mid 2011). I’d like to put my entire internal drive onto an external ssd and boot from it. Before opening the enclosure i’d like to know if it can be done or will opening it break it?



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I don’t own a Storejet500 but did some searches and found this :


There is a standard 2.5’’ SATA SSD inside but the SSD casing has been removed. Not sure it will fit (guess not) with casing also.

The StoreJet300 has a 2.5’’ HDD (mounted in a rubber block) and a SATA SSD with casing will fit in there.

Block Image

I guess Dan is referring to a Transcend JetDrive which I think uses Apple’s Custom SSD’s.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your replies, Dan and Cees.

I think there was some confusion about custom apple ssds. However, I read somewhere about people booting from Transcend Storejet External SSD's and reporting that they ran really, really hot, so I abandoned that idea.

In the end I bought a LaCie Rugged external portable HD (1tb, Thunderbolt), and swapped in a 2tb Crucial MX500 SSD (very easy to do). Then I migrated with a fresh OS install to the new drive. I had preformatted it to APFS and turned on TRIM.

The difference is stunning. It's a 2011, 21.5" iMac that can't go any further than High Sierra, but holy moly its like a new machine. Photos (over 11,000 items) opens in 1 bounce! In fact, everything opens in less than two bounces!

Now I'm just hoping my oven-baked GPU (200 degrees centigrade for 8 minutes!) will last until the redesigned iMac appears.

Happy New Year


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The case is designed to support the custom Apple SSD’s. It’s not designed to support the M.2 blade SSD’s. Finding Thunderbolt 1 or 2 cases is getting harder. Most are now Thunderbolt 3 which will not work with Thunderbolt 1 or 2 systems. But! You can get a USB-C adapter to USB-A connection case. Similar to what Samsung offers in their Samsung T5 SSD

Here’s a good reference on the custom Apple SSD’s The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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Excuse my ignorance but are you saying that my Transcend Storejet 500 ssd takes custom apple ssd’s? I figured I could just open the case, take out the 256gb ssd that is in it and replace it with a 1tb ssd. Also, I thought blade ssd’s were a different shape. If I get a samsung t5 I would need a usb 3.1 to thunderbolt 1 adapter, wouldn’t I? I just thought I could use the storejet because it has thunderbolt and that would be the fastest connection I could get on my 2011 imac, (without opening the imac up). The idea is to boot from external SSD.


These cases are designed for the custom Apple SSD's bundled with the SSD upgrades Transcend offers: SSD Upgrade Kits for Mac

These are the only SSD cases that support the internal custom Apple SSD's by Transcend. OWC offers a similar case option.

They do make a line of external drives which I believe is using their own SSD design. You would need to open it to see what they have done. They could have used a standards based M.2 or 2.5" SSD within it.

But, these cases are not able to support the custom Apple SSD which is what you stated you wanted to do "I’d like to put my entire internal drive onto an external ssd and boot from it."


As far as a dedicated external SSD Samsung offers:

The Samsung T5 is not able to be connected to a Thunderbolt port at all! It is either connected via USB-A or USB-C (USB 3.1). I have a few of them.

The newer Samsung X5 is a Thunderbolt 3 complaint drive. Sadly it's not downwardly compatible to TB-1 or TB-2. Older TB-1 drives can be connected to newer TB-2 & TB-3 systems using an adapter cable.


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