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Why wont my 1979 460 ford start?

My RV stalled while turning it around. I thought it was out of gas. It has two tanks. If I dump gas in the carb it will start for a second but does. I have fuel present before the carb. I checked by disconnecting and putting a rag over the line. It doesnt seem to make it in the fuel bowl. I'm new to this and I'm hoping someone can help.

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If you feel that the fuel pump is good and the fuel filter is clean and the fuel lines are clean and no kinks in the rubber hoses for the fuel system then rebuilding the carb is the next step. I would recommend that you do the work yourself, its easy if you follow the rebuild instructions. Don’t strip any screws or brass fittings that require a flat head screwdriver to remove, use the fattest screwdriver that will fit. Pay attention to how to set the float level and replace everything that comes in the kit, don’t over tighten any adjustment screws, if you dent the end of them, they wont work correctly.

Can you give a continuous spray a carb cleaner into the carb air inlet and keep it running, don’t only pour in some gas, that could backfire easier than carb spray and start a fire. If it will keep running then you know spark, timing, and compression are probably all good, time for a carb rebuild or replacement. I am still worried about good fuel supply.

Have you thought of a type of fuel injection upgrade???

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