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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation Ranger, a compact pickup truck manufactured by Ford.

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Transmission shifting hard @ 20mph and slipping about 30 mph

2001 ford ranger edge 4.0 2wd automatic. I changed out my radiator,fan blade, and water pump. Took it for a test drive after idling for 20 min checking for leaks and let it reach operating temp. All was fine til I put it in reverse to back out of driveway. I felt a slight jolt. I proceeded to put truck in drive felt it again. Got up to 20 mph and truck would NOT shift. Let off accelerator and it shifted. Got up to 25-30 mph and transmission began to slip. RPM s began to decrease while accelerating. Obviously I quit accelerating and crept home a few blocks away. Checked trans fluid. Its in the xxxxx, pink, and doesnt smell burnt. Been a bit since trans filter has been changed. Its been a good truck. 270,000 miles hate to put her to rest. She still had alot of pep til I changed out radiator,fan,water pump. Drive to grocery store and walmart few times a week. Hoping she'd hang around a bit longer. Any thoughts besides shooting her. Yes, I'm talking about my truck Thanks

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You changed the radiator, did the transmission fluid lines/hoses go to the radiator? Maybe you have air in the system, do you feel that the fluid is flowing through the radiator cooler as it should. Do you have an external oil cooler to do the job and the radiator change has no issue with your new problem?

I do not think it matters which way you attach the hoses. I am sure the transmission has an air vent on top of it so I don’t think air will be an issue. I would continue to check fluid level according to your owners manual, not according to the way you think it should be checked, common mistake.

After a couple of drive cycles, you should be getting a code in your computer if there is a detectable problem internally that may just be a coincidence during your radiator work. My first guess is a fluid problem, drive it easily a couple of days and then have it checked for codes.

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